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Lachezar Todorov

Software Team Lead

Lacho has been studying informatics for so long that no one remembers when he started. People even wonder if he’s been doing it since the Big Bang and maybe that’s true, who knows? Every day he is fighting in the Matrix for the sake of our code. Evil bugs are surrounding him, but he never quits. No matter how hard it is, he doesn’t stop and manages not to lose coolness. He’s so goddamn chill and even makes our mad team calm down. When something bad happens, when someone comes to a dead end, he’ll say: “Chill out! Now, what’s the problem?”. He is the personification of ‘calmness’ and at the same time, is so passionate about salsa dancing and extreme sports – skiing, kitesurfing and he is going to try even paragliding! Ice and fire in one soul – that’s who Lacho is!