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Meet Silvana, our awesome content creator

Ivan Iliev
February 15, 2019

She is the person responsible for all the awesome content we have been publishing on social media and now that she has this amazing section...get ready to be dazzled!

Silvana is the social guru of the team - researching, learning, writing, posting. That’s her daily life. it’s a little bit weird and contradictory when you get to know her, just because Silvana is the kind of person who likes to read books with her headphones and not be bother by anyone.

She can hardly be seen without a book in her hand or bag. There are piles of unread books in her home library and thousands of books on the list. Simply put, she is a typical bookworm. But Silly not only likes to live through the books, she also likes to create her own world.

She is a part-time writer, sometimes even draws, even though she is not much of an artist. But the joy and the bliss she feels when something different and unreal is done by her is irreplaceable.